Dillon Francis and cat

If you like to think of yourself as a part of the EDM community, then there’s physically no way you haven’t heard of Dillon Francis. And if by some atrocity you haven’t, then you’re a disgrace to the Internet and need to be exiled.


On the contrary, if you claim to know and love Dillon but have never heard of his Moombahton EP and are unaware of his obsession with cats, you are sailing on a sea of bullshit, and I’m doing society a favor by calling you out, believe me. You probably also think that owning a pair of those hideous furry boot things and listening to shitty dubstep in your basement gives you the audacity to claim your “raver chick” status.

dj edm steve aoki

My point here is, Dillon Francis is to the electronic dance music society like Drake is to people going through break ups. We NEED him… and his refreshingly vulgar sense of humor. For those of us who realized just how much of a badass he was before he really became huge, remember wondering how the hell he wasn’t more famous? This was back in the golden era of Bootleg Fireworks and IDGAFOS.

fireworks dillon francis bootleg

1) Yes. The music video for Bootleg Fireworks alone is enough to make anyone become addicted to D. France’s “zero fucks given” attitude towards life. Who needs acid when you have Dillon’s trippy ass music vids?

dance dillon francis

2) Can we talk about how his best buds are Calvin Harris, Zedd, and Diplo? They make up the absolute dream team. Need I say more? #SQUADGOALS

still a better love story than twilight

3) When he put on a blonde wig and pretended to be Taylor Swift. Then this random chick who looks freakishly identical to T-Swizz bombed the video… weird.


random chick

4) His strange yet highly relatable obsession with cats. Especially his kitten Mittens—who has his own Twitter account with a generous amount of followers, believe it or not. And it gets weirder. There’s a Tumblr page called Dillon Francis Is Cat, which literally consists of various photos and .gifs of cats with Dillon’s face. Proceed with caution is all I have to say; what is seen cannot be unseen. In fact, D. France is so pumped on purr boxes and how his face looks cropped onto them, he even displays Dillon Francis Is Cat pictures at his shows.

I'm a kitty cat

If for some reason need even more evidence of his lavish enthusiasm regarding kitties, just go look at his Facebook profile picture. You won’t be disappointed.

I'm a kitty cat and I dance

5) Or how about the fact that he frequently dresses up in a fancy suit when performing—even as casual daywear? He’s obviously one classy motherfucker.

dillon francis fancy suit

6) Still not convinced? Go add him on snapchat (username dillonfrancis, go figure) and follow his stories; you shall be enlightened. I’ll say no more.

dillon francis tie