Rhye - Taste

Since last week, the home base of We Are: The Guard has dropped nearly 40 degrees, and the cloudy, overcast skies are making me a little groggy. Sweater-weather indeed, “Taste”  is the newest track from Rhye that is soft and cuddly that will help you get into the mood of an easy day inside.



youtubePurveyor of smooth, easy listening, Rhye has been garnering a great deal of popularity through their debut album “Woman”, getting positive responses from Pitchfork, Spin, and Rolling Stone. Their album would draw tens of millions of streams, while the duo traveled the world and hopping from the Coachella Valley to Denmark, selling out many shows in-between. Yet, the group, perplexingly, became noticeably silent, probably working on their sophomore release. It has been over four full calendar cycles since their debut album, and the restlessness was setting in. Finally, Rhye reappeared at Japan's famed Fuji Rock Festival, dropping several tracks in their wake.

The latest of these track called “Taste” features piano and percussion wrapped into an easy-listening package, topped-off with Milosh's unique, almost-restless singing style that seems to differentiate Rhye from other up-and-coming ensembles. The tones are extremely-understated and maybe even sedated, yet the lyrics are far from family-friendly. Every key, beat, and word seems soft and gentle, never is there a point of rise or aggression. That is not to say there isn't a consistent and heavy bass line. Still, I wonder is this supposed to be dance music or easy-listening. Perhaps, maybe even both.

With this latest released and a tour planned for the coming year, it is clear that the boys are back for good.