Abra - Bacardi

Abra’s back, with banging beats and fogged-out vocals from Atlanta’s underbelly!

It’s been a pretty quiet year for Atlanta’s Abra. We haven’t heard much from “the darkwave duchess” since last year’s exquisite, seductive Princess EP, barring a random single for Adult Swim’s Singles’ Club. This is no doubt frustrating to those looking for a fix of smooth flows, slick beats, raw heat, or sensuality.



soundcloud There’s no rushing perfection, however, and “Bacardi,” is just that. Had Abra rushed right back into the vocal booth, she might have defaulted to a future r&b/chillwave hybrid like we fell in love with on her first singles and EPs. We wouldn’t be so obsessed with Atlanta’s greatest secret if she simply sounded like everybody else. Instead, Abra’s gone underground, cocooned in her Fortress Of Solitude, emerging with a moody, futuristic mixture of drum machines and reverbed-vocals. Rather than sounding like Top 40 hip-hop, “Bacardi” could be a party scene outtake from the indie horror It Follows, with sickly atonal synths riding on top of a simple-but-deadly-effective boom-bap beat from an 808 drum machine.

“Bacardi” has more in common with much of the emerging hip-hop coming out of the UK - grime, and its adherents. Fans of Mica Levi, Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland, or latter-day Burial will fall under this hypnotic spell. We have, at We Are: The Guard. We CANNOT WAIT for the next official Abra release! 

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