Aisha Badru’s “Bridges” is a glowing, gorgeous, emotional testament to sticking through the rough times.

Love is hard, let’s be real. While there’s the cutesy side, like those Love Is… comics in the newspaper, claiming “Love is having to never say you’re sorry,” or “Love is like a puppy dog, waiting for you when you get home,” that’s certainly a reductive view. Love is also impatient, frustrated, jealous, sometimes just completely flat-out insane.

Anyone who’s ever sent any time in a committed relationship, especially if you’re living together, sharing finances, or any other unsexy activity can tell you love is more than just a cuddle-endorsing Oxytocin spigot. At most, Love is everything, encompassing many of life’s shadows. To truly love someone, you don’t just wait for the good times. They say “In sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer.” This is where New York singer/songwriter Aisha Badru captures the complexities of longstanding love on “Bridges.”



soundcloud Badru knows it won’t always be easy, or even good -- singing of mountains to climb and oceans to tread. These hardships must not weight on her soul too heavily, as “Bridges” is just gorgeous, dripping with strings and woozy, woolen beats. She’s mining a similar emotive futuristic R&B landscape as James Blake, but with less of his distance and detachment.

2017 is a big year for Aisha Badru, with “Bridges” following quickly behind her excellent “Mind On Fire” single from earlier this year. It’s been two years since Badru dropped the slim Vacancy EP on Nettwerk. Hopefully “Bridges” is a sign of things to come. We Are: The Guard cannot wait to hear a proper full-length from this talented musician!

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