It's the end of summer and the streets have been scorched by the sun's heat. The black top is so hot that when you look out on the horizon you can actually see the three-digit temperature rising into the air. That very moment, the one we all know, is the same vibe we feel when we listen to Blaise's new song, titled "21 Questions."



youtube It's a mysterious track, which seems fitting since we have no idea who Blaise is besides his two-song catalogue on Soundcloud. He sizzles with melancholy as he asks echoing questions to an unnamed subject. The beat chimes with lo-fi tricks reminiscent of what you'd hear from an R&B artist of the 1990s.

"21 Questions" has the sort of restraint that one has when they're getting to know someone as he stoically asks questions over the emotive melody like: "Do you like Madonna?" and "Do you like drama?" With all of the above said, similar to the hot and distant horizon, Blaise feels far away, like he's not quite ready to show us his capabilities as an artist in full. Luckily, he's just getting started, and he's peaked our interest enough that we'll be waiting to hear his third installment.