The second month of the year yields great fruit and perhaps the groundhog will declare another two weeks of winter, but here at We Are: The Guard, I am already prepping for the blooming of flowers and the beginning of summer festival season. So, say goodbye to those winter blues and cabin fever, and take a listen to a new one from fknsyd “Recluse.”



Besides having a sparse amount of social media accounts, including a Twitter featuring a blurry profile photo, there isn't much in terms of concrete information or even a noticeable bio to pluck some facts or anecdotes off of. If there is one thing known about fknsyd aka Sydney,  is that her brand of music is extremely-interesting.

The first thing that could be said about fknsyd is that her style sounds a lot like the original incarnation of Crystal Castles, down to the often obtuse and somewhat disturbing electronic compositions that seems to be the calling card of the Witch House genre. Even her wispy vocals eerily recalls a younger Alice Glass. If Crystal Castles is her influence, fynsyd is an worthy torchbearer to the legacy of the legendary electro group. Still, “Recluse,” off of her Calcify EP  is a deep and luscious track that exhibits her prowess at the genre, as do the other tracks off of her extended play. Maybe Halloween has come a little early this year.