New life begins. I think this statement encapsulates the essence of summer. The heat is so blistering and your sweating is so profuse that it’s like shedding a gross, moist skin. Summer brings out a “brand new you” -- or so you’d like to think, ignoring the fact that you haven’t exercised a day in June or July, and getting nowhere close to being comfortable in a swimsuit. But that’s fine! We Are: The Guard do not judge. In fact we’re offering you a feel-good anthem to pump you back up for the second half of summer. Listen to Queenie’s track, “I’m Ready” below. It’ll be a revelatory synthy experience.



Queenie’s brand of pop is a fluorescent dream. The chords are voluminous and her vocals are casually lush -- just listen to her subtle backing vocals that elevate the already strikingly polished track. The song paces on like a Robyn track on a Friday night out, all while Queenie sings about taking risks and overall hypes herself (and everyone listening) up for life. “I’m ready to take on the world and walk into the light,” she sings. “All you gotta do is try.” So how about we all just listen to Queenie, huh? Put on that bathing suit! Eat that fifth Independence Day hot dog. Start that summer romance with that weirdo you met at the venue last week. Life’s too short not to follow the advice of a UK singer.

I can’t tell you too much about Queenie at the moment. Her Soundcloud boasts “I’m Ready” only, but the impressive production on her song leaves me curious for more. Keep her on your radar; there’s more to surely come.