It’s been over a year since ultra chill and borderline-romantic artist Eden has put out an EP. But don’t worry, guys— there’s a new song from him to hold us over in our own feels. Brace yourself: it’s an electronic, emotional tidal wave. Check out Eden’s cryptically-titled “start//end” below, along with the accompanying stylistic visual, down below.



“start//end” plays like a symphony piece— sophisticated and well thought out. It can also be divided in several parts like one as well. The intro, for instance, opens up with a string intro that slowly crescendos along with Eden’s voice that pierces through the sounds. The vocalization emulates a sorrowful rumination, if it isn’t obvious with the lyrical content, starting with “you try to kill it but it won’t stop bleeding.”

spotify The Irish electro producer’s new single then picks up the beat, acting like a metronome as the song begins to twist and take on an approach similar to James Blake. The melody becomes more complex, though it never loses steam. Gradually, the track continues to build on top of itself until the last two minutes. Eden graces us with powerful vocals on a track that’s suddenly become danceable thanks to the inclusion of a little bass, while still remaining incredibly contemplative. Couple the track with the landscape shots in the video, and you’ll find yourself guilt-tripping on every mistake you’ve ever made, dating back to the sixth grade.

It’s okay though. We’ve at least got a great Eden track out of this self-reflection.

Do you need more Eden in your life? ‘Cause I don’t blame you. His last two EPs, I Think You Think Too Much of Me and End Credits are available to stream on his Soundcloud.