What is considered to be dance music today can get a bit redundant, so we always welcome a new an fresh take on the synth-happy genre. Grey's debut EP, Chameleon, is fearless with kicks and jolts that immediately reverse the tone you want to predict will happen next.



spotify Each track begins a new story about this new band's many dimensions. The most emotive of the five-track offering is its culmination. It's called "These Roots," inspired by Kyle and Michael Trewartha's escape to Joshua Tree with their featured artist on this track, Stephen. They claim the track is inspired by their pastoral surroundings, and while we don't hear anything that reminds us of cacti or sizzling horizons, we must give credit where credit is due: This song is infectious and diverse.

Its four-plus minutes begin with an elegant piano before breaking into a jiving drum moment and glitching bass. The only thing we'd change would be the peculiar rap moment, but we'll forgive them because the rest is quite expert--including the lyricism: "Questioning my fate / But nothing's going to stop me from / Counting the blessings I’ve had from the start."

So while the song isn't perfect they have plenty of time to perfect what they're trying to accomplish--and we'll be there ready to listen to more.