KM - Downside

The start of a new year also means a new beginning for your playlist. We Are: The Guard presents a soft and lofty track all the way from down under, songstress KM delights us with her single “Downside.”



Based in the northeastern city called Townsville, Australian indie artist KM is an absolutely unknown to even music enthusiasts in her home country. Thanks to Soundcloud and other social media outlets, the acoustical wonders from this budding musician is on exhibit for all to see and, most importantly, hear. If you are looking for loud and quick, be sure to look elsewhere because KM presents a style that is unmistakably folk and resonates with anyone familiar with indie rock that is driven with heavy instrumentals and even more noticeable vocals. 

While “Downside” isn't the most wispy, it does embody KM's musical approach quite well. The reverb of her vocals seems to give the appearance of multiple interlaced channels. There are probably no back-up singers. Maybe just another mirror of KM serving as an accompaniment. With some pings of piano keys and modest plucks of guitar chords, it almost seems that she is not in a hurry to finish the track. Still, the short three-minute run-time makes me want to hear more, as it doesn't seem as though my mind can truly grasp the complexities of an indie rock song that go under the guise of something sounding so simple and easy. Yet, knowing the processes of producing music independently, it is anything but elementary or “easy.”