In 2015, Tove Stryke went platinum with her US debut, Kiddo. It was boisterous and sexy while never abandoning her feminist manifesto. And we love every damn note on it, but in 2017, we're getting an equally hypnotizing, yet much softer version of the platinum Swedish pop star.



spotify Stryke is now dipping into love songs -- her first being a summer anthem called "Say My Name" and now with her latest single, "Mistakes." "Mistakes" is a synth-laden offering about that sort of romance that is worth risking it all for. The throttling reverb, provided by producer Elof Loelv matches each inflection in her voice -- when she goes high it goes high and when she goes a few octaves lower, the bass drops. “You make me / You make me wanna make mistakes / Love how bittersweet it tastes ," she sings for the chorus. While it's catchy enough to sing along to, it is intricate enough to keep you interested. This is the sort of pop anthem that stadium stars like Katy Perry are so desperately failing to achieve.

Rumor has it that Stryke cancelled a highly-anticipated tour to finish the rest of her sophomore album. This upcoming compilation that will determine her longevity in the music business and she knows it, but if "Mistakes" is any indication of what's to come, then we have no doubt she has a long career ahead of her.