"City" is the third single off Melbourne-based duo Seavera's soon to be released EP. We Are: The Guard explores the ins and outs of their newest creation that is a harmonious balance of pleasant vibes and painful prose.



The brainchild of Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton, both of whom having wavier hair than most 80s hair metal band addicted to Aquanet, Seavera inserts soothing sounds where the powerful and emotional vocals perfectly envelopes itself within a safe space among the murky disposition of the topic and electronic instrumentals that appear to swirl around like a self-contained tornado of happiness and despair. Bitter and sweet.

spotify As serene and surreal the vocals are for "City," the lyrics paint a much more dark stance on relationships that is based upon the objectification of the human act of procreation. The song acts like a piece of self-actualization and sort of a coping mechanism for a relationship gone wrong. Supplemented by the hums and buzzes of the solely electronic presentation, Seavera can provide juxtapose pleasure and pain within a 3-minute 22-second track. Much like a bad breakup, "City" tells us that there is good and bad in love and relationships. It is almost ethereal to say the least.