Wy - Gone Wild

The greatest part of music is that the right notes are there for us like dear friends. No matter the mood or environment we're in, there is a song that fits it if you look for it. And while Wy isn't the antidote to sorrow, the pair are there for us when we're down--to let us know that we are not alone. Instead of letting a single tear flow, they gush. They are the tight hug we need when we're feeling hopeless and alone.



spotify Pulled off of their forthcoming debut album Okay, "Gone Wild" explores the fears of the inevitable pain and suffering that we all face on this journey called life. Of course, death of loved ones is one of those inevitabilities. In the first lines, Ebba sings, "What if my dog died when I was in Tokyo / What if dad died before I turned twenty-four."

Instead of washing Ebba's vocals down into something smoother, we can hear her voice quivering with painful vulnerability. It comes out slowly like diary entry, as if she's reading her deepest thoughts, still fresh, in front of a blistering spotlight and a silent crowd. And her Swedish counterpart, Michel, lets her voice guide his instrumentals. Only a piano accompanies her, but that's really all such a deep song needs.

The melody and lyrics work together as one to provide plenty of space, allowing the listener to sit and reflect on each relatable turn, carried through with long-noted keys.
There are no tricks or synths or featured guests-- only sheer, raw beauty.