Lewis Capaldi - Bruises

A lot of people think they have the talent to make a living off of being a singer-songwriter. Just look at YouTube. There are millions of people who hope to make a career out of their musical inclinations, but in reality, only a few actually can. Unless you get lucky or go viral, you need to be exceptionally gift.



soundcloudWith all of that in mind, here is a name you need to know: Lewis Capaldi. Even though Capaldi has only released one song, the Glasgow-born artist is garnering mass attention and he's going on a tour too. We know what you're thinking: "That better be a damn good song." The ballad is called "Bruises" and it is nothing short of stunning. It is emotive and tender. It reminds We Are: The Guard of Hozier with its gospel-like depth, piano, and back-up vocalists. And like Hozier, it's not exactly an optimistic party jam: "Counting days, counting days / Since my love up and got lost on me." He belts about heartache that you can feel as he sings because you can hear it in his voice. He feels worthless without this lover by his side because he completely lost himself in her.

This is what separates Lewis from fellow aspiring superstars. It isn't by chance or gimmicks or talent that he is getting attention. It's that he is not just insanely talented, but that what he performs is genuine. If he holds onto that authenticity then this song is just the beginning of a long, successful career.