Butter’s “Lifted” is future pop from the fringes!

L.A.’s Butter makes future pop from the far reaches of the Pop Stratosphere - danceable island beats; neon-lit synths; and chirpy, catchy vocals. Butter’s Pop snaps, crackles, and pops with weird, futuristic production; a unique, tongue-in-cheek visual style; and a sardonic sense of humor.



To date, the L.A. pop star has mined her past, drawing on a unique background as an ex-Mormon and as a travelling ventriloquist, leading to her debut single, a quirky cover of Ariel Pink’s “For Kate I Wait,” (which was already pretty quirky to begin with). Butter performs a similar feat on Palmistry’s “Lifted” -  delivering her take on the synthy island pop that has been inescapable this year, staying true to the London duo’s brittle beats but bringing out the inherent poppiness of Palmistry’s sometimes subdued vocals. 



“Lifted” finds Butter working with up-and-coming producer OMEGA, who’s dished up beats for Azealia Banks, Daya, and Fall Out Boy, among others. OMEGA’s shiny, shimmery production brings Butter’s words and melodies up-to-the-second, sounding not dissimilar from some of the indie pop’s merriest pranksters, most notably the PC Music collective, especially Sophie and GFOTY.

soundcloud Butter’s motivation for “Lifted” sounds in line with the PC Music’s piss-take on popular culture. “I fell in love with this strange future pop, and immediately knew I wanted to do something with the song. “Lifted “is me reaching deep into my pop-loving soul and pulling out the weirdest shit I could find.”

Weird shit it may be, but good shit also. Butter’s tropical, minimalist, futuristic funk sounds better-natured than PC Music, which tends to sound as comforting and soothing as a dentist drill. Butter’s futuristic flourishes and surreal social commentary dance around an actual indie pop single, that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kelela or Kali Uchis album, or maybe even Nicki Minaj if she were feeling poppy and accessible.

Butter is going places, if “Lifted” is any indication. Let this be a sign this bright, individualist pop star rise to the firmament, and let’s make pop culture weird again! We Are: The Guard is ready for it!

Catch the new single “Lifted” right here at your favorite Digital Service Provider: https://WeAreTheGuard.lnk.to/pe2JQ