Ionnalee - Not Human

Jonna Lee is just fine on her own as ionnalee. Even after being a part of creating for the group iamamiwhoami for a decade, she is ready to make her own sort of hypnotic pop. As if her first audiovisual single, "SAMITARAN," off a mysterious upcoming album wasn't intoxicating enough, her second single, "NOT HUMAN," might be even better.



Co-written with Com Truise, "NOT HUMAN" is one part atmospheric, one part lyrical, one part dance. Yes, it brings up a lot of opposing emotions. It brings up so many feelings that it forces you to unleash control and just take it all in. The song is animalistic even. The rhythm beats and beats while she sings about a lover that brings up her most carnal instincts. During the chorus, Lee proclaims:  "The urge is animal / I'm not human."

Though the tune itself is pretty to the ear, it's only when the audio and visuals come together that her work is truly realized. What has garnered the artist a loyal cult following is the endless symbolism throughout her imagery that is so subtle, it takes involvement to unravel it all. If this is the first time you are hearing and seeing Lee's art and you love it, then lucky you, you have a lush backlog of her releases to explore.