Best New Tracks: Fiona Apple "Hot Knife"


We here at Bitcandy are nothing if not evenhanded. So while on one hand we may write a deservingly scathing review of Fiona Apple's new album with a title so pedantic it makes me cringe, we're also open-minded enough to recognize that "Hot Knife" is a tremendous song, one that is in fact worthy of our highly acclaimed Latest Music Tracks title. Check it out below.


What you have here is Fiona Apple doing what she does best, crafting the type of perfect baroque pop song that most of you young whippersnappers probably think Regina Spektor made famous. I love how this song is simultaneously simplistic and layered. The colliding harmonies create a sense of chaos which is matched perfectly by the minimilistic arrangement of this song. If you got a thing for paradoxes the way I do, chances are you'll enjoy this track.

The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the oh fuck please tell me this title was meant to be one of those supposably funny high-brow jokes is out now via Epic.

Should Beyonce cover this?  I keep hearing a Beyonce version in the background ala "Single Ladies."  

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