Frank Ocean is a Big Phoney


So this Frank Ocean review is a counter reply to our 9.1 rating review of Frank's album channel ORANGE, that BitCandy writer, ClaireDallas wrote here.



The counter reply I have is this: Frank Ocean is a phony.  Yes he did come "out" and big props on that.  Especially in the rap world where homosexuality isn't tolerated and more often slandered in their lyrics.  But if you're going to come out...should you make your personal event into a business strategy?


It appears Frank Ocean has done exactly that.  


When did Frank Ocean come out?  July 4th.   


When did his big album "Channel ORANGE" come out?  July 10th.


Hmm ... was this the final "end cap" and big push to a marketing campaign or just coincidence?  


Oh, don't tell media isn't manipulated!  Really?  OK then tell me truthfully that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were truly in love (rumor is it was a 5 year contract...a 5 year beard in exchange for some movie roles for KW...and oh it's shocking...their breakup is STILL getting headlines today!)...or that Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson etc are so flabbergasted when their private shit shows up in the tabloids.  


Often (from what I hear) these photos and stories are either leaked from the artists camp themselves or purely created out of thin air from the artists' marketing team.  This is all the dark arts of media manipulation.   Does it get headlines?  Yes!   Of course?  Does it drive page views on blogs?   Well, why do you think you're reading this right now?  Does this stuff get search results on Google Trends?  Fuck yeah.  What do you think?  See below: 


Frank Ocean's Google Trends Link see (at the time of this writing) Footnote "E"  Singer Frank Ocean reveals first love was a man and Footnote "F" Chris Brown publicly supports Frank Ocean, R&B singer who came out of closet.


But let's leave publicity aside...What about the "honest" lyrics on Frank Ocean's Channel ORANGE album.  Lyrics like:


American Girl Speaks in English Accent
Likes to Fuck Boys in Bands
Likes to Watch Westerns 
& Ride Me Without The Hands


"Pink Matter"
1st line of the Chorus
"My God She's Giving Me Pleasure"




"Super Rich Kids"
She washes my back 3 times a day
This shower head feels so amazing 




If an artist is supposed to be really speaking from the sounds like Frank Ocean has tricked everyone.   And sold out twice.   First in betraying himself in writing lyrics that weren't "him"...and secondly capitalizing on his sexuality and announcement.  Then again...


Give Frank Ocean credit on the song "Forrest Gump" for talking about guys.  
Forrest Gump you run my mind boy
Running on my mind boy
Forrest Gump


So is Frank Ocean a phony?   Well, he sings about banging girls (mostly) but then comes "out" 1 week before his album release.  What is that Arsenio Hall used to say?  "Things That Make You Go Hmm?" 


This is like someone running for President saying they're pro life, anti guns, no taxes and 2 weeks in office doing just the opposite.  But then, it's par for the course.  Maybe that's what we expect these days.  Oh, Didn't you hear?  It's OK now to be lied to.


Well we're also in different times.  So thankfully it's easier and more accepted for someone to act upon who they really are, and to be themselves...and we have to give Frank Ocean props for that...especially in the rap circles he runs in.  I'm just not sure the timing rings true for me, except if you are Ocean's business that case it makes great sense.    


But what about this album as a musical piece? 


Sure ... Maybe its the best alternative soul album of the year.  Ok I'll take that.  But don't get too excited ... really ... this album isn't the second coming.  And if Frank Ocean wins for Best New Artist at the Grammy's...I WILL BE applauding but at the same time shaking my head that out of ALL the new music and all the new artist and literally 75,000 albums released in the U.S. per year, that the world hasn't produced something better.    


In my opinion, there are 3 awesome songs here: "Pink Matter," "Super Rich Kids" and "Sweet Life."  The rest is in "M" locker for mediocrity. But it depends on what your bar is.  If you're under 20 and don't have a huge music base to pull from...this album could be mind blowing.   If this is you then check out Marvin Gaye, early Prince for a "music check." 


What do you think? 


Did Frank Ocean manipulate his sexuality, the gay community and his coming out announcement in exchange for a higher album debut and more headlines? 


Is this Album wayyyyy too overrated? 


Or is this Album setting a new bar?   


Don't be a sissy ... comment below and join the conversation.   




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