March is racing right on by, which means the release of Galantis' self-titled EP is fast approaching. We already covered "You," and now Galantis has another best new track with "Help," the latest cut from the EP to leak.

"Help," like "You" before it, starts with a slow-building piano before exploding into an electro-pop banger. The tracks aren't mirror-images of one another though. We don't have a Nickleback situation on our hands. A big reason for that is Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw are a pair of musical geniuses, where as Nickleback is Nickleback. Regardless of whatever the hell I was just talking about, "Help" is another great song from Galantis and we really can't wait to hear the rest of this EP.

Listen to "Help" below. It too is liable to get stuck in your head for an extended period of time. I'm starting to think these guys can only write songs of such a persuasion.



The Galantis EP is out April 1st. Read the kind words we wrote about "You" while you wait for the calendar to turn.

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