Best New Indie: Germany Germany


Best New Indie / Ambient: Germany Germany.  Written by Tarsier.

In 2003 The Postal Service released Give Up, which to me stands as one of my favorite records to this day. Nine years later I still sit here holding my breath waiting for anything new from them, but I am slowly coming to the realization that it’s never going to happen. While there have been some imposters trying to imitate the recipe that The Postal Service conjured up, (What’s up Owl City?) it doesn’t seem anyone will be able to replicate what they did.

That’s where Germany Germany comes in.

Germany Germany is comprised of an individual named Drew who lives in Victoria, Canada. And while that’s all we pretty much know about him now, I am sure that’s soon to change in the coming year.

In Germany Germany’s music you can clearly hear the influence of The Postal Service, but he takes this influence and uses it to form his own type of style. This style can be heard on his most recent LP, Adventures, which he released in May 2011. The album is an incredible electro, synth-pop, ambient journey with the highlight tracks being “Take Me Home,” “Natural,” and “Just Go.”


“Take Me Home” begins slowly with the sound of rain pouring down over the record but quickly kicks it up a notch into an upbeat electro jam that will have you moving your feet. “Natural” is born on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, providing the soundtrack to your dreams. It’s a slow relaxed song that features an incredible guest appearance from Donne of TLGLTP. The song will leave you drifting through your mind as your head floats out the door.

Take Me Home

On “River,” from his EP Radiowave II, which he released in October of 2011, it’s hard to believe this song wasn’t created by Thom Yorke himself. The song begins in a very Idioteque-like fashion and continues to build as the song progresses. While the song features no vocals at all and stands great as is, it’s almost a call to action for mash-up DJ’s everywhere. This one’s yearning for some vocals!

So while I still long for another Postal Service record, I think I am fine with Germany Germany filling that void in my heart for now, especially as he continues to grow as a musician.


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