Getting to Know : Gauntlet Hair


I first acquainted myself with Gauntlet Hair just over a year or so ago. The band's ridiculous name, and their track "I Was Thinking," laid splattered across hipster haunts throughout the blogosphere, so it was of course natural I had to check it/them out.

What I discovered was a duo of young men producing an epic drone of reverb-drenched sound which seemed an all too mighty being for what should scientifically be conceived from two humble pairs of hands. But dang, I loved it, after all, it was the height of chill wave, and the band so satisfied the scene with their dreamy lo-fi echoes.

However, the reason my love for Gauntlet Hair sung so strong, was primarily down to the fact the band so clearly took influence from quite a breadth of sounds beyond the chill wave boundaries -- from scuzzy noise-pop, to Spector's walls of sounds, to shoe gaze, heck, there was even a pinch or two of punk nestled in there.

Best of all, it was loud, really loud.

In October, the Denver duo will be releasing their debut LP. While a little late to cash in on the fickle scene which embraced them with open arms last year, perhaps this is a good move, hopefully preventing this really quite multifaceted band from falling into the now over-bubbling cauldron of chill.

Today we got our first taste of the forthcoming record. And while the dripping reverb remains, Gauntlet Hair clearly continue forth their sound expansion with "Top Bunk." Boasting a real funky hook with almost snotty vox layered on top, and all before landing in some glistening Animal Collective-stylee harmonies, this is some pretty exciting shit!

Gauntlet Hair "Top Bunk" by DOJAGSC

Gauntlet Hair's debut LP will be released October 18 on Dead Oceans.