Getting to Know: Mother Falcon


Ok...This is the first blog / website you'll be hearing about Mother Falcon. How can I be so sure?  Well I can't be haha. But I do know that BitCandy Curator, Chris Chantily in Austin, TX first turned us on to this stunning band about 2 months ago...he's also our current top ranked Curator.

Since then Mother Falcon has been selling out local shows and basically destroying!  But it gets better. We just signed Mother Falcon to our music publishing division!  So thanks to Chris, we're giving him 20% of whatever we make on that deal. That's how our Curator system works. No more stupid A+R people and the first discoverer and the 1st fan gets the credit they deserve!

But less about BitCandy and more about Mother Falcon!
Basically, if you're a fan of Arcade Fire or Sufjan Stevens you're gonna love this band...who sounds and performs like no one else out there. (Ahh Sufjan you're gonna shit ur pants when you hear this band).
Basically Mother Falcon is a 16 person (give or take) orchestral indie alternative folk band with songwriting mostly led by key and core members and vocalists Nick Gregg, Tamir Kalifa, Claire & Mat Puckett, Isaac Winburne and Clara Brill...the band takes the stage (and um, a VERY big stage is needed thank you) with some of the best local young orchestral musicians (they are heavy players) coming out of Austin TX.  And I mean PLAYERS with skillZ (capital Z).
Yes, this is, in the tradition of Mumford, Arcade, Givers, Sufjan...a return to HIGH musicality!!  And I couldn't be more happy because for the next 6-18 months we're going to be able watch the band take off (my prediction).
Songs like "Sanctuary" and "Alligator Teeth" encapsulate not just great songwriting, but intense and great crafted tasteful orchestral arrangements.
They have 2 releases out and I'd encourage you to check out both, an album called "Alhambra" and an EP called "Still Life."
Here's a Soundcloud of some of our favorites.

Mother Falcon by BitCandy

And live?!  Forget about it!! Or Fuhghetaboutit. If you speak mafiosa.
Check out this link from their website to check out a constant stream of live youtube vids or this article from Austin Weekly with some great live posts.
Ok so I may have to retract we're the 1st to write about them since that Austin post came out earlier but yup, Mother Falcon showed up in our Featured column on BitCandy in May 2011.
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