Gold & Youth Reckon It's Time To Kill


Today's Latest Music Tracks comes from Canadian (how exotic!) minimalist, and potential subject of a cranky journalist's rant, Gold & Youth.

When listening to the band's first single, "Time to Kill," the first word that comes to mind is lo-fi. That's also the second and third words as well. The slowly building bass line drives this layer number forward. This a very laid back track with rather aggressive lyrics. As someone with a thing for such paradoxes, this is right up my alley. Hear it for yourself below:


You (yes YOU!) can head over to the band's tumblr and download this track. All it'll cost you is your e-mail address. 

Gold & Youth's debut LP, Beyond Wilderness, will be out this summer via Arts and Crafts. Based on this sample, Beyond Wilderness can't get here soon enough.


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