Great Good Fine OK "You're the One for Me"


There's been a very recent and unpredictable explosion in the indie R & B scene, as a nearly non-existent genre began to flourish overnight. Brooklyn duo Great Good Fine OK are the latest entrants in the game, and as they show in their best music video "You're the One for Me," they're not just following the crowd.

Unlike Rhye, How To Dress Well, Astronomyy, and basically every other indie R & B outfit, Great Good Fine OK isn't going the minimalist route. Instead, "You're the One for Me" features a fully fleshed out sound that recalls M83 more than any of their contemporaries.

The video for "You're the One for Me" is a hilarious juxtaposition of humor and erotica. In its entirety the video is a just an unquestionably beautiful woman preparing a sandwich. And this sandwich, oh man this sandwich. This is essentially the Mitch Hedberg bit about club sandwiches on steroids. I'd tell you more, but you really should just view it below. 

Watch the official video for Great Good Fine OK "You're the One for Me": 

This is the only track Great Good Fine OK has out, and you can pick it up for free over on their soundcloud page. Will keep you up to date on whatever these guys do next.

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