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This is Part Three of our four part column on small print artists from the Coachella poster. We’re gonna educate you up so you can go in guns blazing. Final stretch. Sundays are always the hardest day of the festival, so here are ten hot new lesser known artists to help get you through.
Okay, so we love your first three articles, but where’s the real underground music? Stuff you don’t see on every other major music festival lineup? Where's the House and Funk and Future and Bass Music that I can DISCOVER so I can find myself this weekend and realize that Coachella isn’t the place for me anymore?
Welcome to the third day recap of some of the best performances we attended at SXSW 2016. There is no time to waste here when there are continuous music sets going on and only 24 hours in a day to check everything out. From rock to pop to DJ sets, here are the most exciting discoveries we encountered.
We have done the hard work for you by putting together a list of the best new artists who are totally going to make a name for themselves in 2016. Read on to discover your favorite new artists of the new year!
Spring is a charming, zany romcom/horror hybrid that though disparate in genre and anatomy, was deftly woven together by director Justin Benson to concoct a compelling story.
You would think that after years of training and performing, these musicians would be praised by their fans whenever they step up on the stage. However, whether they had a bad day or just lacked talent, here are ten musicians that were booed off the stage.
Number 3 of the Best Indie Films of 2014 is Blue Ruin. It’s a lean, mean revenge-centric film that doesn’t think about any kind of repercussion, only the results.