Best New Track: Green Velvet "Bigger Than Prince"


Electronica and House music demigod Curtis Alan Jones, better known to you laymen as Green Velvet, has done it again. His latest opus is entitled "Bigger Than Prince," and it's a surefire best new track.  Wanna know more?  Sure you do...

"Bigger Than Prince" came to fruition after a conversation between Jones and Circus Recordings figurehead Yousef while both we're on tour in Indonesia (note: Some people have far better lives than others). Yousef asked Jones to make a new track for an upcoming compilation and this magnificent work is the result. This dance floor banger fondly recalls the music of its namesake, while the indelible hook of "Walk around like you're bigger than Prince" could only be sung muttered by the one they call Green Velvet. The track has been a late-summer hit and is sure to be getting plenty of spins until well after the leaves start changing color.

Listen to Green Velvet "Bigger Than Prince" below:

"Bigger Than Prince" is available over at Beatport. Green Velvet is touring the world this fall, checkout his official site for dates.

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