It seems that music artists are stepping it up with new releases. During the past few months we’ve listened to an incredible amount of great tunes from both known and not so well known acts in pop, dance, chill, and other delish beats. But even if we here at We Are: The Guard spend our social/personal lives sitting in front of a computer screen looking for audible gold, we sometimes miss out on some outstanding tracks, and if it weren’t for our amazing curators like Duffster, our March SoundCloud playlist would perhaps look a bit different. So, today we share with you 31 of the best indie tunes for the month of March to satisfy your music hunger. As you scroll through the playlist be sure to follow us on SoundCloud for a guaranteed daily dose of handpicked favs.

There’s no particular order, but some notable tracks come from Ama Lou, Vince Staples, DENM, THEY. and Two Friends feat. Cosmo & Creature.

So without further are the best songs of the month [March 2017 Edition].



If you happen to have more than one song stuck in your head, you can thank our top curator Duffster. He’s totally and solely responsible for making this playlist one of our most favorite ones.  And if you feel that there was another track that could have been added then by all means let us know. Shoot us an email, send us a love note on Facebook, or better yet..become a curator for We Are: The Guard! Why not?! I mean, you are here reading this post so it’s obvious you must have great taste in music.

As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out the latest and greatest. Check back in tomorrow for more new music and subscribe to our soundcloud page here.

Photo by Lee Campbell is licensed under CC0 (cropped and resized).

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