Biggest Hype of 2012 = Haim



Across the Blogosphere the (mostly) male users of Wordpress powered blogs have been creaming their jeans over the latest music tracks from the female trio called Haim.   And it seems not just the blogosphere but also the rat pack of the music industry has been salivating and doing their weasel wiener dance (insert Redfoo from LMFAO's "wiggle dance") over this group. 

And I'm here to say the following.  That this is the biggest hype of 2012.  

After hearing about 4-5 very mediocre songs online...I was able to verify my gut feeling of "you fuckers really think this is great?" in person proof by seeing them live a few weeks ago at UCLAs Royce Hall.   Here's an idea for comparison....go to SXSW.  Pick up a rock.  Throw it.  Wherever it lands you might hit a band better than this one.   Check out 3 Soundcloud tracks here (Thanks Haim for no embed links!) 

"Better Off" - I am worse off after hearing this song

"Forever" - when it comes to Haim, the only thing better than "Forever" is "Never" (still waiting for a chorus on this song btw).

"Go Slow" - love your intonation, babe.

Especially in the UK, things are getting out of hand from inexperienced labels and A&R young fuck bucks who think this is the second coming.  If it's the second coming it's certainly more of a perverted "pearl necklace" fantasy (and if you're wondering ... i've had some of those fantasies...sure I have!).   

But this is not that.  

This is a wind up of the biggest magnitude.   

What do you think?  Are these latest music tracks turkeys?

How much would you pay or get paid to give Haim a "pearl necklace?"

Which would you want more...the debut Haim album or a Haim sex tape?  

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