How Will Breaking Bad End?



How Will Breaking Bad End?  Look…its not like I have any insights here officially...but being a writer myself, I have to surmise on how the most epic TV show Breaking Bad will end.  Here goes a few scenarios.  

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Scenario 1) Walt Returns to Grey Matter and Creates Mega Super Lab

Walter White can't shake the fact that he gave up his third ownership share of his long lost billion dollar bio firm, Grey Matter, that he walked away from.   My hunch is (as it has been coming up more in recent episodes and there is some story yet to be revealed) that we'll see the recurring character of Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz (co founders of Grey Matter) and somehow Walter White will return to Grey Matter.  


How could this happen?...It may be Grey Matter needs a cash infusion from the man who runs the blue meth.   I mean…(spoiler alert)…he's got $50 Million stashed away in a storage lock. It might be Walter White blackmails numerous people to gain ownership of shares…or just buys them out on the open market.   


It might be Walter gets an executive position at the company as a chief chemist.  This scenario I want to see…is set up for an ending where Walter White truly is KING again and has a mega SUPER LAB to boot with the amazing and legitimate bio front of Grey Matter.  

Yes…Walter White sitting on stack of cash and "the blue."


Scenario 2) Family Meth

More tragic scenario.  Walter White, his son or his increasingly fragile wife fall victim to the meth addiction and the show ends in utter irony and failure as Walter is on top of the world (and maybe even winning the cartel's territory) yet has lost everyone from his own creation of meth.  Jesse Pinkman will return the favor and try to save Walter White and get him clean.   


Scenario 3) Cancer

We get the result we expected from the beginning of the series.  Walter White dies of cancer.  But not before having to secure his families wealth, elude the DEA and his brother in law Hank.  It will be one master mind plan after another. Yes, Hank Schrader (DEA mastermind) against Walter White (meth cook master mind).  

Walter White will kill Hank in the final episode.

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Either way (with Scenario #1 and #2) we have to expect that the door will be open for the Breaking Bad movie.  There's just too much friggin $$$$  to be left on the table for Walter White to die off at the end of the season.


But what's your ending?


Will Walter White live or die?


Do you do Meth?   What's it Like?  (and do you think Cat Power is the new Face of Meth?)


Do you know a SECRET about the ending of Breaking Bad? 


Do you love when Jesse Pinkman says "BITCH!" 


So leave a comment………BITCH!