How To Survive SXSW Music Festival


Ok so it's your 1st SXSW Music Festival Experience.  You're a newbie.  Don't worry, we've all been there before...I've been there before.  And Yes...I HAVE made ALL these mistakes.  So for those making the 1st trek to "BBQ city," I thought I would sum up 5 important tips for all you swag music scouts and music tastemakers heading to Austin's infamous SXSW Music Festival in Mid March. 


(Warning...these tips are literally "axe wielding" ... and we're not talking guitar "axes").  


And if you DO find the next cool amazing artist before anyone else...SUBMIT them (!!!) to BitCandy in our Curator section so we can credit you for the find AND give you 20% of what we make if we end up signing that artist.  Score!! Radilicious.



By the way, this parody overdub is set to one of my favorite "instructional videos" from an epic Japanese movie, Battle Royale...except the real movie is alot more sinister but alot of fun.

 You can check the trailer here (Quentin Tarrantino's favorite move of last 15 years)   



Awesome flick?  Yes.  


It will be Battle Royale at SXSW...just you see!





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