If Mac Miller Gets Big... I'll Eat My Hat.


"Baby, you can wear my hat," Mac Miller reassures me, over... and... over... amid the aptly-titled 'Wear My Hat' -- the latest track to drop from Miller's free mixtape currently swarming the web, 'Best Day Ever,'  a mixtape notably featuring a collaboration with the rap-world's current darling, Wiz Khalifa (a name-check that is undoubtedly helping along Miller's growing hype right now).

Still, back to that hat wear offer of yours, Mac -- thanks, but, no thanks.

For starters, the beak of said baseball cap is far too oversized (it shan't suit my face shape), plus you appear to have left the sticker on it anyway (oh wait, that's considered 'swag'?).

Oh and let us not forget the fact you have succeeded in writing a wholly bland four minute (most drawn-out four minutes of my life, ever) song on said accessory, meaning I am all the more appalled by the idea of sporting it.

Charmless, cheesy ("Baby I ain't doctor rich, but I'll probably show you a good night..."), and complete with characterless delivery -- which others will of course label 'slick', 'soulful' or 'chilled' -- afraid to say it, but I'm totally agreeing with the whole "Mac Miller's going nowhere" stance, unlike say,  Tyler The Creator, who is entirely deserving of the hullabaloo currently surrounding him and his second LP 'Goblin,' which is brimming full of off-kilter and entertainingly shocking material the rap world 100% requires right now. (Check out Tyler The Creator's track 'Yonkers.')