'I Love Cats' / Auto Tune Yourself App


If you have heard the famous ‘Winning’ song composed from the excerpts of a Charlie Sheen interview on YouTube, you would have thought that making a song out of plain speech must be an extremely difficult task.

Well, creating the song may have been difficult for them, but it is not for you.

Confused? Read below:

After reaching great success with their Auto-Tune the News series and other songify tracks, the group behind the project known as ‘The Gregory Brothers,’ have developed an iPhone app, through which, the users will be able to convert their own speech into songs.

The app is very simple to use and the users would only have to record their speech into their iPhones through the Songify software. After the selection of a beat, it will then process the inputted material and deliver an auto-tuned track within seconds, which will sound just as good as Mr. Sheen did in his ‘Winning’ bit.

Speaking in an interview with Mashable.com, Michael Gregory said, “This is the next level for democratizing this for our fans. Because they’re always asking us, ‘How can I do this, too? Like when I see a Double Rainbow, I want to scream out in joy, but that won’t make it into a song. How do I do that?’ So now we’re able to interact with them and give them the opportunity to do that.”

Still wondering what Songify can do to a simple non-melodic speech? Here’s a mind bending awesome sample for your pleasure.  In case you had any doubts if this young EHarmony chick loves cats:

Gregory Brothers – “I Love Cats”

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