Indie Electronic

Hailing from the sunny confines of my hometown of Los Angeles, the musician known as Toyko presents his second offering, Stronger Love, to us here at We Are The Guard and, of course, the rest of the world.
We at We Are The Guard have another new artist for you. They’re a Minneapolis foursome called DEM YUUT and they’re getting ready to release their debut album, Liberator. Dawn/Sea is the first song we’re hearing from the band.
Kayex has debuted strong and our first impression is that they’re just what we'd expect from an Australian act. On their first ever release, called My Friends, the Sydney duo mixes house and soul with electronic-tinged funk in a genuinely relaxed and cool way.
IDER is what has been missing from the pop world. They prove anthems are always necessary in the genre. The new project is Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville who together perform just the right kind of melancholy. The duo sings in such unison when they sing, it feels as disciplined as a drill march.
Like exquisite light up jewelry, internet cat gifs, and Britney Spear’s trajectory, Kites by Swedish producer Grynpyret is a classic track whose sound captures some of the best memories as a kid. It's a hot mess of a track that for a quick 3 minutes makes you feel like a kid again. Carefree, fearless, and innocent to a degree with an uplifting airy style that that makes life feel simple and fun.
Brooklyn-based new artist Gigi Mead aka DAEVA describes herself as “local demon girl sings songs,” even though her track, Dream, sounds absolutely heavenly. The track opens with glittering electronics and her light and airy vocals that add even more shimmer to the calming dream-pop track.
The election of Donald J. Trump got you feeling some type of way? We here at The Guard can TOTALLY relate, as can Damien Verrett – better known as the brainchild behind So Much Light – who returns today with Sit With It.
17-year-old Australian songwriter MALLRAT is quickly gaining momentum with her bubbly electronic style that has a delicious pop-infused twist. Her new single, Tokyo Drift, is a majestic laid back whirlwind of 808-style beats, echoing electronics, and her silky smooth talk-singing style that flows effortlessly.