Isaac Layman: Tools (2008)

A first glance at Isaac Layman's work and you'll be asking yourself:  Photorealism or Hyperrealism?   Neither.  It's only when you scrutinize the work a bit more that you can see the crystal clear details, whose depths were made larger than life thanks to his genius of taking digital scans of up to 200 high resolution photos and melding them together to produce an art form.  If you take the time to look carefully, you'll even see effects that are made possible by the camera technique he used.  What makes Isaac different?  He loves showcasing stuff found in his Seattle home, no doubt, but he painstakingly takes the time to create each superimposed work to produce a realistic play of light and shade.

Isaac's work, Tools, which was displayed in the recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair never fails to amuse viewers.  The subject of his work is taken at various angles, exposures and depths – an archival inkjet print in 58 x 76 inches to achieve the 2nd meets 3d realism.  So, what's artsy with a collection of booze, workshop tools and a workbench?  Your guess is as good as mine, but there is something ‘manly romantic’ with the juxtaposition of top shelf liquor and Craftsman tools. – it’s that basement possibly where your 'artistic' handyman makes his sanctuary. 

Perhaps, the artist is trying to portray how he celebrates life in solitude, or with all the tools seemingly 'reaching' or 'stretching' to the bottle for a desperate drink…is the message here referencing alcoholism and to not be the proverbial 'tool' in the woodshed?  Or maybe the artist's intention was simply to just have images that look cool together.

We can never really tell.  But the impression is felt that this basement workshopWhat makes Isaac different

is an escape from the pressure of the domestic world.  In the's where it all can happen...especially if Jim Beam is involved.

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Isaac Layman earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Washington in 2003.  He had his first solo exhibition in 1997 and have then moved on to more daring experiments in photography in his Lawrimore Exhibitions.  He is currently living and working in Seattle.  For more info, visit here.

Awards:           2008 – Betty Bowen Award 

                      2003 – Juror's Award, UW School of Art Open

                      1998 – Best in Show ( Choochokam Open )