iTunes 11 Sucks Donkey Dicks


I AM SUPER MEGA FUCKING PISSED OFF. TO QUOTE PETER FINCH FROM THE NETWORK MOVIE: "I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Well, shit, maybe I AM going to have to take it because I'm stuck with iTunes. BUT AFTER THIS LATEST SHITTY UPDATE, I'm seriously thinking about moving to Windows Media Player (cue needle scratching vinyl and music stopping). Yes, I think Windows Media Player might actually be better than this under cooked piece of shit that was released. I can’t listen to music anymore because I’m too busy smashing my freggin computer! Yo Steve, was this your idea of a so-called legacy?

Comment below so we can get this fixed ... or are you one of the rare persons that actually likes iTunes 11?  Seriously, I need a tutor for this new ridiculous update.


Just as I was finally getting used to their newest update, they bomb me with this shit! This can’t be considered an upgrade when so many of the features have been killed. This so-called ‘new & improved’ system is crap!

You can't search your library anymore! Now there's some lame process where a side bar populates based on your search. Once you select a song that side bar disappears and you have to then again re-enter your search if you didn't find the song you wanted. And guess what, you’re screewed if you don’t type in all the correct characters, fuck me and my fat fingers!

Search doesn't even work! You can no longer drag and drop search songs into a playlist. It used to take ONE click to move a song... ONE CLICK! WTF... REALLY W - T - F ?!  I have to right click and select a playlist. YOU SUCK MA BALLZ! Who the hell has time to read through all the fucking POP UP windows?

There's some secret playlist that gets built as you're playing songs and now I have a prompt whenever I want to play a new song if I want to skip the song next in the playlist. FUCK YOU! Oh shit , I see... clicking that + button adds the song to a new on-the-go playlist. WHO THE FUCK WANTS THIS?

I get that fucking spinning ball every time I do a search. I have 25,000 songs in my library... but still... didn't have this problem before. I do a search for an artist and select it to put it in a playlist, but now playlists disappear and I'm suddenly in the ‘music' section. 

Clicking on TV Show header, like Walking Dead where I have 20 videos, plays some random Walking Dead video and not a list of the videos.

TV Shows populate in total random order! Not via date...WTF!!!


To download music onto my iPod is useless! I hate it hate hate it. Once again, no drag and drop. I can’t share my iTunes library on my 2 iPods! Gee thanks Apple, I guess you knew I needed some paperweights, cuz that’s all they’re useful for!


Yeah, you know that cool feature where you were able to flip through album covers and easily find album info and shit, well it’s GONE! At first I thought my system had crashed, but noooo, fucking Apple removed it to make things easier. And get this, albums aren’t grouped by artist! I am a hard core music listener. I have feelings and emotions! I want my big album covers back, bitch!

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And where the fuck is the CD I just copied over to iTunes? It’s nowhere to be found, just like the assholes who programmed this shit of a system! I HATE YOU, iTUNES! Wait, aw shit they nuked the DJ too? FML!!!

Fackling fack fuck! Those limp cigar smoking assholes are probably laughing their asses off. They don’t give a rat's ass of whether we like this shit or not because they have us by the balls. Damn you!!! I refuse to settle for this shit. They think we’re suppose to sit on our asses and deal with it? Anyways, Fuck iTunes. Congratulations, you sick turds! Worst iTunes upgrade ever! Yeah, laugh it off, Steve!


I don’t have to tell you that this shit is bad. Everyone who uses iTunes knows things are bad. Is this the confirmation of the Mayan apocalypse?! If anyone out there knows of a better library system call me, I’m looking!

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