James Blake/Drake Mix Tape : "James Drake"


We enjoy a good mash up here at BitCandy, and today Philadelphian DJs, Bombe and Mr. Caribbean, have delivered us a delicious 30 minute mix tape which takes UK indie-dubstep sensation, James Blake, and wraps his beats up with Canadian crooner, Drake.

While I'm still admittedly getting beyond the fact the pair share perfectly rhyming monikers (the mix tape is called "James Drake" -- come on, how awesome is that?), the music is honestly, breathtaking. Bombe and Mr. Caribbean have effortlessly combined Blake's trippy ambience with Drake's skippy hip hop in order to create a seamless piece of art that transports listeners to a wholly hazy delirium. But enough of my mumbling, allow me to quote the man behind the mash up, Mr. Carribean himself, who has labelled "James Drake" "a soundtrack for sippin Robitussun & Alize in an abandoned Cathedral, covered in a velvet blanket with a sexy stranger on a dark night." Right on.

James Drake Mixtape - Bombe & Mr. Caribbean by Bombe