Jarell Perry (EXCLUSIVE! White EP Premiere)


Emerging artist Jarell Perry got his start in the game by co-writing Fat Joe's 2011 hit single "Another Round (Featuring Chris Brown)."  Despite Chris Brown's presence (at the time) the track peaked at #5 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Songs Charts. And while he hasn't come anywhere near that level of commercial success yet with his solo career, which is just in its genesis, Perry is far more comfortable and versatile in his own personal work.

Speaking of...Enjoy the EXCLUSIVE PREMIER of his new EP, White, below!


The Los Angeles native first came on people's radar while in college at UCLA, doing dorm room covers of the likes Beyonce, Coldplay, Miguel and Jay Z. He self released his debut album, Simple Things, which managed to feel raw and fresh, while still being crisp and mature. The LP was meant to act as a soundtrack for each moment in a day, or at least a given week. Standout cuts like "Whiskey a Go Go" act as a perfect anthem for a legendary night on the town, whereas "9 2 5" manages to capture the lethargy of the working man. Similarly, "Wake Up" encapsulates all those times you've come to at the best EDM show of your life. The debut immediately brought comparisons to Miguel and Frank Ocean, and while those superstars clearly (I think) influence Perry's sound, he adds his own unique twist.


With a a wide array of influences spanning from indie rock, hip hop, pop, electronica, and about a dozen others, Perry manages to take his many inspirations and harness them all into his own vision. This is a new slant on alt R&B that hasn't been heard before. And one that could be a game changer.

You can pick up Perry's debut record for free on his official website.




With his new EP, White, dropping today and PREMIERING RIGHT F**KING NOW ON BITCANDY, Jarell Perry has prepped himself for launch. The EP, White, picks up where Simple Things left off, only this time around there's a fuller, more confident sound. The EP starts off with a slow and hazy build before closing with three legitimate knockouts. Perry displays an astonishing vocal range on the opener "Black Valentine." Chuck Inglish stops by on "Eleven," a track that aims to start a new genre: trap R&B. Perhaps the most memorable part of the EP is the blood curling scream that appears throughout "Truth Told," which also manages to be one of the prettier songs on the record, somehow. Perry saves his best for last, as the closer "Lose Your Breath" feels like a sure fire hit single.

Jarell Perry is a unique talent who's coming into his own. 

And don't hesitate to drop over to his Facebook or Twitter or get it on iTunes.

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