Jennifer Catron & Paul Outlaw: Aintsay Eromejay in Ishay Tudysay

 When aficionados of modern digital photography think of the seven deadly sins, they will definitely recall this contemporary art print by Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw.  Representing the sin of pride (or maybe greed with the stacks of cash?)' we see a young man poised in a scholarly manner' with all the books' trinkets and cash strewn all around him – as if these are tokens of his genius.  A paradox?  Perhaps' if you take a look into the artists' recent works that render images in a luxurious manner meant to ridicule our senses.

Allegra LaViola Gallery's talents' Jennifer and Paul' welcomed guests in their still tableau where they play Adam and Eve in their own interpretation of Expulsion from the Garden.  Exhibitors in the recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair were treated to a 4D experience where they see the process these contemporary photos – come to life.  Old concept' new ideas.  The curious mix of ancient régime  and nouveau in this work is something  childlike' where your imagination will be your own interpretation.  In this photo' you can only wonder if the subject is a scribe' a scholar... or a prince.  Take your pick.

By the way what's up with the ram and the fluorescent blue mouth?  I notice the man is also wearing a rams hat in some type of acknowledged solidarity.  Could it be in reference to the devil and greed / pride being one of the seven deadly sins?  And furthermore that 'Money is the root of all Evil?'  Perhaps….

Anyway…Totally bizarre image in all and I have to say I'm loving the Catron & Outlaw team.  Totally great and totally weird.   God bless wierdos.

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw both took their Masters in Fine Arts from Cranbook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills' MI.  Jennifer Catron earned her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the Southeast Missouri State University and Paul Outlaw earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Alabama.  The duo has been working for two years' combining art with food and live performances.  Their recent "Jen n Outlaw's Fish Fry Truck and Crawfish Boil" has been featured by Art Fag City' The New York Times' Time Out New York and Grub Street.  They are currently represented by Allegra LaViola Gallery.