Jim Lambie: Bhangra Remix ( 2010 )

The recent 2010 Art Basel Miami Beach may have you overwhelmed with a lot of ‘good’ as well as a good dose of mediocrity... until you wander around and get your eyes caught by a sparkling gold curio called 'Bhangra Remix' made by the artist Jim Lambie.  Gaudy as the rich music of Bhangra that melds East and West in a fusion of sounds, you're suddenly transported to the era when Disco is as hot as a Jalapeno... just take a look under that golden turntable where glitzy women's jewelry and stilettos dangle precariously.


An artistic expression?  Flamboyant is an overstatement to describe this garish artwork.  Kitschy may not even be right to define this pop art which tries to give life to something that people haven't used for long.  It's more like a parody to how lives were richer back then in the early 70's and somehow, we are reminded of how turntables were a major part of that golden age. 


Fresh from the collection of Anton Kern Gallery in NYC, such avant-garde, contemporary art is worthy of an audiophile's attention – not because of the sound (or lack of it ),  but because of the memories this kinetic artwork brings.  Just imagine this sculpture playing ABBA's Dancing Queen hit and you'll know what I mean.  After having walked the entire exhibition of what seems to be an orgy of art decadence... Bhangra Remix may have found a niche home, at least for me


Genius Behind the Obra:


James 'Jim' Lambie, a contemporary visual artist from Glasgow Scotland, loves to work on sculptures out of everyday modern materials like household items, posters, album covers and other objects depicting pop culture.  He studied at the Glasgow School of Art and was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize with his work called Mental Oyster.  Other than this, he is also a DJ and a musician, where he once played in the hit Glaswegian group, The Boy Hairdressers.


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