JLO Shills For Lame Product Placement


You wanna call me?  Try 1 800-Ive Had-It. Product placement is one thing.  But graphically throwing it our face....making it so obvious and shilling is another thing.  Jennifer, I hope you got paid big cuz much unlike ur bunda is a total turn off.  

Check out this opening sequence in J Shill's new video "I'm Into You" hyping the sunglass line (I can't even tell what brand it is even though the camera seems to really zoom in on that oh I froze it ... it's Gucci), and whatever refreshing drink she's got going on called "Koma Unwind."  RIGHT!  God this is so fake.  I highly doubt that Jennifer Lopez lying beach side by the Caribbean would be drinking this shit.  You can just see the look on her face as she's holding the Koma bottle saying "I just made 2 Mil Bitches!"

But I guess pop artists ala Britney's like in "Hold It Against Me" are just making a land grab for whatever cash they can grab.  Check out the over the top product placement's here as comparison to the growing trend of in your face "Imma taking the money bitch!" product placement.  E.T. and Reeses Pieces was one thing...this is another.  .

And by the way...Back to the JLo single "I'm Into You."  Really?  Are we not done with the crowd vocal dudes with the "Ayyyy"  "Ayyyy" "Ayyyy" "Ayyyy"  Man I thought that was going to be over in 2005..  
Anyway...another fail all the way around.  Note to pop stars....People are not so stupid and gullible...they want to feel smart and challenged and be respected.  
This is the opposite.