Best Video EVER! Biebs Blows Chunks on Stage


The votes are in!!!  Yeah...F the Mercury Awards, the Grammy's the Brits yada yada yada.  It's been announced today the BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR...maybe of the millenium ... is (loonnnngggg asss drum rolllllll)....Justin Bieber Blows Chunks on Stage!!!! 



My prayers have been answered.   Are you ready for this?  Oh my God.  I'm loving it.  Can you handle this wonderous, beautiful, life affirming video caught on tape.  You're really ready?  OK...clickety click.




This trounces the earlier best video ever made which was "Justin Bieber Gets Hit In the Head with a Water Bottle." 


This just was not vomit but Scooter's jizz.  


And by the way...if you'd like to see a Nickleback Gets Boo'd compilation.  Well it's our friggin pleasure.  Check it out here.