Justin Bieber - Wanted for Music Crimes


Teenage highest paid swagatron Justin Bieber is on the run. The BitCandy government has put out this urgent call to action to all music fans. If you consider yourself a fan of true music, please get on board with this crucial initiative and print out at least 10 copies of this flyer to paste in your local schools, clubs, bars, street corners and roller derby rinks.

You can serve your community by printing out a copy of this flyer here

With your help, we may be able to overcome these troubled times and make the streets of iTunes and Spotify a safer place.  

<a href="http://s1147.photobucket.com/user/BitCandy/media/bieberwantedformusiccri..." target="_blank"><img src="http://i1147.photobucket.com/albums/o544/BitCandy/bieberwantedformusiccr..." border="0" alt=" photo bieberwantedformusiccrimes_zps31d2d3a0.jpg" width="550"/></a>