Justin Bower: Feedback Loop

Justin Bower's works reflect the never-ending battle between what's real and what's not.  He certainly hasn't failed to dazzle visitors at the recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair with his photographic portrait Feedback Loop I.  The transmutation presented here is monstrous, no doubt, yet it perfectly represents his ideas between the limits of what is human and what is not.  This vivid, surreal oil-on-canvas painting is larger than life, measuring at 8 by 7 feet.  Justin's love for Abstract Expressionism makes a perfect canvas where the sensual human form is morphed with the synthetic representation of the modern age.

Cybernetics or twisted anatomy?  When you look closely at Justin's work, you will see a whiplash of hyper-saturated colors that suggest all things artificial, especially with that neon green contour glowing at the head's edge.  This reminded me of Caravaggio's paintings, disturbing yet enthralling.  Justin's work is a hyper modern rendition of the Baroque era where his subjects are in a state of distortion' where human flesh is disfigured by what seems to be cellophane tapes.

Who is the face behind the deformed (or in another’s eyes…a perfectly beautiful) head?  That's still to remain a mystery as Justin would always choose an anonymous face found on the Web' which he would later distort the image beyond recognition with his artistic flair…with his brush being a surgeon's scalpel exposing what only he alone sees.

A walk in a gallery of his works can make you feel like you're sucked into a Twilight zone' in an alternate reality where human genetics have evolved into something... nightmarish' beautiful and always flowing.

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Justin Bower earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and his Master's in Fine Arts from the Claremont Graduate University.  He loves working on surreal subjects that depict transformation and metamorphosis' of human androgyny.  Currently' he works in Los Angeles' California.