Katy Hudson aka Katy Perry Live at 17


Before there was Katy Perry prancing about eating delicious candy concoctions with Snoop Dogg and before she was teasing about kissing girls...Katy Perry was ... Katy Hudson.  

Check out these two rare clips of Katy Hudson when she was 17 performing live, solo acoustic.  So yes, you guessed it...if you thought Katy Perry didn't have da real skillz...check out these videos.  What a voice even at 17 .... such an identity and pretty bad ass guitar chops.  

Will we see a return to this acoustic / performance style of Katy...or is she keeping it in reserve for the right moment to stun the world with her acoustic performance?  

Here's another live video...check out the talking about God and faith for almost 3 minutes...pretty interesting.

But Katy is a testament to all those trying to "make it."  She was amazing at 17 and it took her about 3 failed record label deals (and finally Dr. Luke who knew what to do) to seemingly become a 10 year overnight global superstar success.