Ken Solomon: Lichtenstein

Body of Review:

Since Google has become more than just a search engine these days, what can be more perfect than capturing its algorithms better....than with a stroke of a paintbrush?  Ken Solomon did just that with his photorealistic artwork, Lichtenstein, a watercolor on paper that measures 44 x 74 inches.  Ken's contemporary artwork is a series of paintings based on Google Image search results when he typed in a certain keyword.  Even search engine optimizers and social media marketers will marvel at the simple genius behind the concept.

Looking at Ken's works on display at the recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair makes you think someone mounted flat panel LCD monitors on the wall.  It makes a subtle mockery of what we've become conditioned to each day, as Google or Facebook integrates itself in the way we connect to each other in the Social Web.  One can only wonder if this work is commissioned by Eric Schmidt (former bad ass Google CEO and current Google advisor). 

What's interesting is that most of us look at Google as a way to search for stuff on the Web, but Ken saw it in a totally different light:  an objet d'art. Now, I wonder if someone will create a painting inspired by the feeds of the famous social networking site, Twitter.  Probably.  So, look out for my next artwork based on Perez Hilton’s tweets. 

In a recent interview, Ken said that he believes it's an artist job to take everyday items and give it another meaning.  What can be more perfect for that but the famous search engine of all?  For most of us, his contemporary artworks can look like some practical joke or parody you can watch on YouTube.  The crux?  He could have made a digital art out of something you can find online, but he'd rather take a traditional route and slow things down in this fast-paced digital era we're all living in.

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Ken Solomon earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from The University of Wisconsin.  He spent the last few years recreating digital contents like Google results pages and Facebook profiles through the use of the watercolor medium.  He currently works in Brooklyn, NY.