Perhaps you're like me and felt little for the album Kid Cudi dropped this year, Indicud, save for the songs featuring Haim and (of course) Kendrick Lamar. If that's the case, then you'll find today's best new track, "Satellite Flight," to be a welcome return to form for the Kid they call Cudi.

"Satellite Flight" was released the same way most off Scott Mescudi's music sees the light of day: Without anyone knowing about it. Dude loves to release new music stealthily. Like that friend who always leaves without saying goodbye, you have to respect the sheer lack of fucks Cudi gives when it comes to promoting his new material. As it's name suggests, "Satellite Flight" is a throwback of sorts. Operating in the same deep-space production he cut his teeth on, Cudi's flow feels more at home here. He keeps the synths that were so prominent on Indicud, and they mix in beautifully with the multitude of other layers on the track.

Don't call it a comeback, just listen to it below:



As of now, Satellite Flight: Journey to Mother Moon does not have a release date. You can however download the title track for free. You should be able to do so on the widget above; if not, head over to our friends at for the hookup.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, where we probably would have liked Indicud better if it had been titled something less aggressively stupid. Also, the fact that you could tell every song's title by its chorus was embarrassing.