We Signed A Band! Please Vote for them on MTV


Who says a music blog can't sign bands themselves?  So here's my epiphany...um, yeah fuck y'all so called A&R record executives!  We're doing it our way...with your help!  It's crowd sourced music discovery.  And yup, signing an artist is exactly what we did when Kids Without Instruments came our way from one of our trusted curators (you can be one of those too...find out how at the end of the article)!


So, fast forward 3 months, mixing, mastering, video shooting and something potentially big has happened...the band is up this week on MTVU's The Freshmen!  It's basically a contest between like 5 hand picked videos...whoever gets the most votes wins and gets added to the MTVU channel!  This could be a break!


So here's the thing...I've never asked our readers for anything before (besides maybe a Facebook like) but it would be amazing...you would be a rockstar and we will have your babies, and I would love it if you could give a vote for the band here http://www.mtvu.com/music/blondfire-chill-moody-elite-kids-without-instruments-playdough/


This is the video we submitted is "Nausea Nostalgia," a pretty cool arty projection video directed by Los Angelinos babe, Nina McNeely (part of the local L.A. WIFE performance art troupe). 


Kids Without Instruments - Nausea Nostalgia (Official Video)   




Thanks again and if you could give us a vote and spread the word here...I would sincerely really super appreciate it.  


And oh, if you want to know about one of our other latest signings...check out Mother Falcon's Radiohead cover! 


Mother Falcon - Paranoid Android [Radiohead Cover]



Thank you...Sincerely and also for finding BitCandy and being part of our community. 


And that Curator link!  Yes...chlick here http://www.bitcandy.com/ars/how_it_works where you can submit artists to us and if they aren't in our database...and we love them...you get a Curator status...limited to only 50 people in the world or so. 


This is our little vision of the music business post apocalypse...and it will be beautiful.