Best New Tracks: Krewella "Enjoy the Ride"


If you've spent any time at Bitcandy before today, you're probably aware of our love-affar with "most things" Krewella.. The Chicago trio has done it again with their latest cool song, "Enjoy the Ride."

Perhaps the biggest reason for our band-crush on Krewella is that they actually make songs, as oppose to musical interludes that preceed the drop. "Enjoy the Ride" is cut from the same cloth, as the band co-wrote this gem with pop maestro Billy Steinberg. For the uninitiated, Steinberg and partner Tom Kelly are responsible for a smorgasbord of pop hits, including "Like A Virgin," "I Touch Myself," "So Emotional," "True Colors," Alone" and about a thousand others.

"Enjoy the Ride" is the latest track we've heard off Krewella's upcoming release, Get Wet, and it's going to be huge. Given Krewella and Steinberg's mutal brilliance, we think "Enjoy the Ride" will not only go to be #1 dance/club hit, but that it'll peak at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.  

You can listen to  Krewella "Enjoy the Ride" below:

Krewella's Get Wet is out this Tuesday via Columbia Records. Pre-order on iTunes here. Krewella's Get Wet Tour is already under way. Click the preceding link for dates.

And by the way...we think it's pretty cool that this guy is cowriting and making new songs with breaking EDM artists.

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