Latest New Music: XXYYXX


The internet wasn't built in a day. This 17-year-old's cred - hours. From the teenage bedroom of his mother's Orlando house, comes the genius self-made synthesizer sonics of a slow-roll dancefloor talent that could take the rest of the 'e's out of The Weeknd with a bass-drop. You may remember the boy, whose real name is Marcel Everett, from our best new video montage at the turn of 2013, in which we saw some not shocking at all upskirts of teen-butt smoking doobies behind fox-masks. It was called "About You," and mixtapes are still ablaze with it:

Rightly, one can't help but call upon the post-dubstep swirlings of James Blake, who was just old enough to drink when he broke. But Everett is on another level. Or as he once likened the experience of his tuneage upon the ear in an interview with Abstract Records, like "doing drugs on a freeway…underwater."

Point is, despite his naive, played-out references to drugs - see "LSD Dream Theatre," "Purp In Da Drank," "DMT" - such a doped up statement ain't so far off, when parsing out every progressive stride happening in the electronica landscape right now, from those aforementioned hand-built synthesizers to vocal samples chopped and stretched as their own cerebral instrument, as on the magic the youngin' made happen on the TLC-laced "Good Enough." Or rather, Everett, he ain't no scrub:

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