New Artist Finds - Leo Stannard


If you’re 16 and your name does not rhyme with Lustin Crieber, the chances of you being a successful pop star are as slim as you not inhaling an STD by being in the same room as Miley Cyrus.

While most sixteen year olds fret over first world problems like having a date for senior prom and being able to play the first two chords of Wonderwall for her to get to second base, there are a few brave men who rise above the weight of their supposed maturity and create some real work of art.

confess now

We found one of such men lurking in the majestic Mahogany Sessions channel on YouTube, and his name is Leo Stannard. (Cheers to BitCandy curator Francis for this awesome find!)

This Leicester-born acoustic singer-songwriter is an exceptional 16-year old, to say the least. With an innate zest for musicianship and channeling his guitar playing style from the unconventionally brilliant standards set by Newton Faulkmann and Ben Howard, Mr. Stannard has his head, heart and gee-tahrrr in the right place.

However, Leo Stannard’s style is more reminiscent of Ben Howard than any other – both in vocal stylings and guitar soundscapes. Give yourself a listen to his brilliant cover of Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris and Florence Welch, and judge for yourself.

To be honest, gaining fame in the folk acoustic genre is like being Jesus in a Jacuzzi shared by Odin, Shiva and Buddha. Yes, measuring folk acoustic talent against mainstream pop or hip-hop talent is like comparing apples to turd nuggets.

you have to be kitten me

Fortunately, Leo Stannard’s raspy vocals and mesmerizing percussive guitar melodies are going to make sure his success flame burns brighter in the coming years.

One of his first major breaks came through a beautiful acoustic performance of a self-composed track named “Please Don’t” on RTTV. As his style matures and he works with bigger bands, I won’t be surprised if he’s sitting pretty with fellow folk acoustic demigods like Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard in a couple of years.

With his official EP debut and a major gig at the Secret Garden Party music fest this year, Leo Stannard’s well on the path to establishing himself as an indie acoustic new artist sensation.